Virtual Enterprise talks business

Catherine Chau (’17) and Ali Sagarwala (’18) show the business poster for their company Off the Grid. Photo provided by Sarah John Le, Staff Writer & Photographer

Virtual Enterprise is a year-long ROP class offered at Fountain Valley for students who are interested in business and entrepreneurship. Under the direction of business teacher Sarah McCance, students are responsible for making their own business for competitions.

This year, Virtual Enterprise’s business is named “Off the Grid”, which is a virtual student-run company that is making clothes that can also charge your phone. A current prototype is being made with the 3-D printer in their classroom.

“The clothes as you move, create kinetic energy, and that charges people’s devices. It’s really cool as there is an adaptor in the clothes so as they walk they can charge their phone,” McCance said.

Students in this class are responsible for different tasks and have a special job in which they compete in. Job positions range from Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to a fundraising director.

“As CEO, I am in charge of directing and representing our class company, Off the Grid, at various trade shows and competitions,” said Katherine Chau (’17), the company’s CEO.

In order to prepare for competitions, students usually spend time in and out of class to practice their roles and scripts.

“The top level students are here before school, every day at lunch. The CEO and the IT Department usually work about two to three hours after school,” McCance said.

The team recently competed at the San Diego Trade Show, where they have moved on to State Finals in Bakersfield, California. Taking place Jan. 18-19, this is the biggest competition the class competes in. Over 200 or more schools from California, other states, and international school companies, come together for this annual competition.

Members of Virtual Enterprise recommend this class to those interested in business and entrepreneurship. However, you must be a junior or senior to take this class and have time outside of school to work with the group of students.

“I highly recommend this class to students, especially if you plan to study business in the future or if you’re interested working for a company,” Chau said.