Boys volleyball loses in a ramped up game against Newport

Right side hitter Matthew Gemeinhardt (’17) goes up for the kill in the third set against the Sailors. Photo by Jamie Pham.

by Suzane Jlelati, Staff Writer 

Facing against Newport Harbor, the boys varsity volleyball team lost in a score of 20-25.

First point was made by Fountain Valley, giving the team and the crowd a boost of energy right away, only to have Newport score one right after. Blocks and spikes were made back and forth, keeping the score even throughout the first set. Downey Huynh (‘17) attempted a failed spike, but with the next set up, his spike scored the point along with the cheering crowd. 

Cameron Nakashima (‘18) made a nice pass, Matthew Gemeinhardt (‘17) with the set and Hyunh with the spike was the highlight of the set. Showing the trust and skill between the players, the crowd was on their feet cheering proudly.

“We did what we could, they’re a really good team. If we do exactly what we can do in practice, our full potential, we could take a game of them. I think I did pretty well, as a team we didn’t capitalize on the mistakes well,” said Nakashima.

A few more spikes were made by the Barons at the end of the set but after an out spike, the set ended 21-25.

In the second set, Newport took the first point but Fountain Valley took the point back with a foul made by Newport.

Barons gather for a time out in their game against the Sailors. Photo by Jamie Pham.

The boys were a few points behind in the first couple of minutes, but were able to catch up with points scored by Huynh and Benjamin Minch (‘18). With a foul made from Fountain Valley, by using one hand to have the ball go over the net, the point went to Newport. However, with Coach Olbright making a claim to the referees, Fountain Valley got the point with retaliation by Newport.

Towards the end of the set, Huynh made a spike so powerful, that when Newport tried to receive it, the ball went towards the bleachers with Newport players attempting to dive for it. Huynh made another spike bringing the score up 22-23 hoping to win this set, but fell short.

In the final set, Newport again took the first point and continued racking up points thereafter. Minch made the first spike after four points and a follow up spike by Loudenback (’17). With the ball hitting the net a few times and fouls by Newport, the Barons were able to rack up a few points. Minch made the final spike for the team and the game ended 20-25.