Students aim for honor at the Coronet Awards

by John Le, Staff Writer and Photographer

Photos by John Le

Annually, selected students are honored for their achievements in certain subjects at the prestigious Coronet Awards at Huntington Beach High School. With subjects ranging from Mathematics to Visual Arts, students are nominated for a chance to become a finalist or a winner in their respective categories.

These awards are the highest honor you are able to receive at Fountain Valley High School. In order to be nominated, students have to go through a rigorous application process. Nominated students are then selected, then it dwindles down to the finalists, then finally the winner.  Students are limited to only be a coronet winner for one subject, but are able to be a finalist for multiple. Here are the winners from each respective category.

  1. Spanish: Khoa “Johnny” Nguyen (’17)
  2. French: Nora Beik (’17)
  3. Japanese: Samantha Fong (’17)
  4. Vocal Music: Tanner Glazier (’17)
  5. Social Science: Hannah Galvez-Arango (’17)
  6. Publications: Cathy Bui (’17)
  7. Instrumental Music: Jessica Lam (’17)
  8. Business Education: Katherine Chau (’17)
  9. Language Arts: Katrina Cone (’17)
  10. Consumer and Family Studies: Ash Diep (’17)
  11. School Service and Leadership: Carly Perri (’17)
  12. Mathematics: Kuan-Yu Lee (’17)
  13. Two Dimensional Visual Arts: Maximilian DeNembo (’17)
  14. Three Dimensional Visual Arts: Caitlyn Shimizu (’17)
  15. Theater Arts: Adouria MacGlashan (’17)
  16. Performing Units: Money Favreau (’17)
  17. Science: Michael Koger (’17)
  18. Athletics-Girls: Amy Hinnant (’17)
  19. Athletics-Boys: Karson Ayres (’17)

Towards the end, the special awards of the night are presented.

Two students, Divya Seth (’17) and Hong An Truong (’17), were selected for the Duo-Finalists award. Both Seth and Truong were nominated to be a finalist for two categories, giving them this honor.

John Daoud (’17), Matt Gemeinhardt (’17), and Johnson Huynh (’17) received the Tri-Finalist, as they were able to receive a finalist nomination for three categories.

The grand award of the night is the Prix D’Honneur, where one male and one female student are selected for their overall achievements in showing Baron pride. Khoa “Johnny” Nguyen (’17) and Hannah Galvez-Arango (’17) were recipients of this prestigious award.