New potential clubs on campus next year

The ASB club application forms include many pieces of information to fill out. This “Brainstorming Page” can help those wanting to create a club, so remember to fill in the actual application by June 16th if students are interested. Photo by Isabella Purdyby Anju Ito, Staff Writer

1. Japanese Club

There’s Spanish Club and French Club, but have you ever wondered why there isn’t an Japanese Club? Well, they might make one now!

Planned out by Vivianne Le (‘18) and some others, this club is intent on creating a community of FVHS students passionate in Japanese. Although mainly directed towards students taking the Japanese class, the club also encourages people who aren’t currently taking Japanese to join the club so they can be introduced to fun Japanese games and activities.

In addition to expanding the Japanese culture in our school, the club is thinking about participating in volunteering activities as well, such as visiting middle and elementary schools to teach younger students about Japanese, which has actually inspired many of next year’s members themselves to get involved with Japanese.


2. OC Science Club

Focused on volunteering, this STEM-based club under a non-profit organization, OC Science, plans on teaching and encouraging younger generations to get involved and learn about the STEM field.

Each month, OC Science will have a specific theme that they are going to teach, such as physics and chemistry, and the club members are going to help teach elementary school students and other participants about the theme.

Although anyone can join this club, this club is geared more towards the upper-class men who are more likely to have covered a broader topic of science and mathematics. In addition, this club offers many volunteer hours as well that can be beneficial for many students.

“I definitely want to see more high schoolers who are interested in science and mathematics, and even if they’re not good at it I think that they’ll learn to gain a better understanding of science by teaching others,” said Annabelle Nguyen (‘18), future president of OC Science Club.


3. The Boys and Girls Keystone Club

Developing under an already-existing organization, the Huntington Valley Boys and Girls Club, this club is going to take part in community services and projects to improve teenager environments around the community.

“The club is going to focus on teen outreach through academic success, community service and career preparation as well as working with staff members and younger boys and girls club members,” said Amanda Hay, a current sophomore who plans on becoming the president of this club.

Hay has been part of the Huntington Valley Boys and Girls Club since eight years old, and she states that by creating the club, she wants to introduce this organization to more teenagers and contribute to the organization that has given so much to her.

Although still in the development process, Hay plans on incorporating events such as awareness projects, Teen Outreach Fridays and Martin Luther King Jr. Day into the club.


4 . Fountain Valley Blogger’s Society (FVBS)

With Sean Le (‘19) as president and Kelly Nguyen (‘19)  as the vice, this new club plans to introduce and write blogs on various topics throughout the school year in addition to going on monthly trips to places such as restaurants, museums and gardens that the members can write about.

“We decided to start the club to institute a way of creative journalism through blogging to students at FVHS who are interested in writing, as well as becoming a somewhat of social influencer through blogging,” said Kelly Nguyen, vice-president-to-be of this club.

This club encourages students of any grade who are into writing and expressing themselves to join, and would help them develop basic journalism skills and allow them to be more creative through their blogs.