Suzane’s life of a hermit: Part 1, The start of summer

Summer life of a hermit. Illustration by Khang Do.

by Suzane Jlelati, staff writer

It has been over a week and a half since summer has started and I have not left my house since then. Welcome to the life of a summer hermit.

My name is Suzane Jlelati and every summer (if my family doesn’t decide to travel) I become a hermit and strange but usual things happen in these 11 weeks of summer.

All I plan to do this summer is work on summer assignments, write stories and read all the books I bought on Amazon. And if push comes to shove, be forced to go out with family and friends that I surprisingly have. But for the mean time, I’ll be in my room gazing at the computer screen, typing away and listening to chill summer tunes instead of actually going outside and immersing myself in the summer air.

Normally during summer, my skin tone becomes a shade lighter, my eye bags darker and deeper and my body frailer. With the exception of last summer where I did travel and I got tan, my eye bags didn’t sink and got a moderate amount of exercise. This summer, I expect to pale up again and I can already tell my eye bags are starting to sink. At least I’m drinking six to eight cups of water a day, perhaps that will help.

In order to fully become a hermit, one must start with these simple steps. Stay in your room for the majority or entirety of the summer, have little to no social interactions with the outside world and possibly wither away if it comes down to it. When school rolls around, you will not be prepared for the new sleep schedule, sun or people you will be forced to meet and greet with.

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  1. Interesting article, however it is a shame to read about a youth withering away inside their room. Get out of the house! The sun is shining and the day is here for you to seize!

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