Suzane’s life of a hermit: Part 2, The second dimension

Summer hermit living in another dimension. Illustration by Khang Suzane Jlelati, Staff Writer

July has come to an end and as stated before, I have done remotely nothing this summer except lay in bed with my laptop, phone and occasional book besides me to entice some sort of entertainment instead of wasting away into the void.

In an ideal world, I would like to go out as much as possible and experience something in this youth of mine. Kids these days go out all the time and laugh, living life to the fullest especially in the summer when there’s no stress from school weighing them down. But that’s in an ideal world of course. Nowadays, students are either withering away in their bedrooms like me or going out for a few hours a day probably eating lunch or relaxing on their friends floor.

To add more length to this blog type article, I will tell you what this hermit has really been doing this month. I have stepped out of the house four times this entire summer, all in later hours of day to absorb as little sunlight as possible. Twice to the movies, once to dinner and most recently to the eye doctors. Exciting, huh?

I’ve also been reading this book called Demian: The Story of a Youth by Hermann Hesse. I won’t go into depth but I enjoyed it and could see myself reading it again. I’ve also been taking glances into the news and the only story that grabbed my attention was the conflict in Palestine where the Israeli government has taken full control of the mosque, Al-Aqsa, causing more protests. 

Just as a hermit does, I’ve been listening to new music, writing short stories and doing my summer homework in the gloomy depths of my sad, boring room. My family tells me to go outside more but as a hermit, there are lots of reasons as to why I will not be doing that even though in an ideal world, I would love to.