Barons clip the Seahawks’ wings

Jake Huynen (’18) treads up to block the incoming ball shot by Ocean view. Photo by Vinh Nguyen.

By Dzuy Nguyen, Staff Writer 

The Barons boys water polo team struggled throughout the game, despite their setbacks, the team quickly recomposed and pulled through against the Oceanview Seahawks in a close 7-6 win to have a 2-0 record to begin the season.

The Barons were tightly matched against the Oceanview Seahawks in a close 1-1 first quarter. As the match progressed into the second quarter, the Barons fell behind 1-3.

However, the team never gave up. Under the leadership of varsity head coach Samuel Figueroa, players Dylan Lebaron (‘17), Kyle Graham (‘17), and Khoi Pham (‘17) worked and brought the team back as they tied the score 3-3. This all would have been impossible if it was not for the impeccable defense by goalie Jake Huynen (‘17).

The game proceeded into the third quarter at an evenly-matched pace. The Barons gave up a goal but quickly struck back with a beautiful shot by player Justin Giang (‘20) to again even the score 4-4. However, in the pivotal last moments of the quarter, Fountain Valley lost their footing and gave up 2 goals. The score was now 4-6 as the went into the final quarter.

As the fourth quarter loomed, coach Figueroa knew the team’s game plan had to change.

“They had a lefty with a great shot that I wasn’t expecting. We had to change some tactics to account for that,” said Figueroa.

In a heated fourth quarter, the game proceeded at a breakneck speed. After a series of excellently-coordinated passes, Graham was able to score a well-placed shot and brought the Barons up to 5-6. Not long after, Pham, in a flurry of gumption and determination, took a daredevil shot, one that tied the game back up 6-6.

In the last moments, the match intensified as each team gunned for the game-winning point. Huynen saved a numerous amount of attempted shots, and as the team retaliated, Graham scored the decisive goal to win the game for the Barons 7-6.

It wasn’t pretty, but the Barons got the job done. Despite the win, this display wasn’t good enough for Figueroa.

“In all honesty, we only won today because Ocean View choked. They couldn’t take advantage of their chances. We need to be better in the future,” said Figueroa.