Homecoming: Photoshoot Locations Guide

by Vivian Yenson, Staff Writer

 With less than a week to go, everyone is scrambling to get their homecoming tickets, find that perfect dress/tux, book a photographer and choose the perfect location to take the best pictures.  Still looking for a last-minute location to take your homecoming pictures?  No worries! Here are some great locations around Orange County for your homecoming photoshoot!

Noguchi Garden. Photo provided by Vivi Vu.


Noguchi Garden

Noguchi Garden is a small, quiet park hidden between large skyscrapers in Costa Mesa.   Its unique architectural design, not to mention the notable pyramid with the water creek flowing in between, makes it a great place to take aesthetically pleasing pictures!




Bill Barber Park. Photo provided by Alex Tran.



Bill Barber Community Park

As a popular homecoming photoshoot location, Bill Barber Community Park is one of the nicest and largest parks that Irvine has to offer.  The classic park has beautiful landscapes, walkways decorated with flowers and fountains, and large grass areas for taking various portraits.




Jeffrey Space Open Trail. Photo provided by Alex Tran.



Jeffrey Space Open Trail

Located in Irvine, Jeffrey Space Open Trail has a beautifully paved pathway with great scenery for your homecoming photoshoot.  It extends along Jeffrey Road, with a massive tunnel and a charming bridge to take unique pictures.





Irvine Regional Park. Photo provided by William Tran.



Irvine Regional Park

Irvine Regional Park is a beautiful spacious area that provides a lush greenery as a background for your photos.  The park has clearly marked roads for easy navigation, and multiple trails for you to choose photoshoot locations.





Newport Civic Center. Photo provided by William Tran.


Newport Civic Center

Located just 15 minutes away from Balboa Pavillion, the Newport Civic Center is a great photoshoot location for those that prefer a simplistic background. Massive palm trees surround the center, providing a unique scenery to your photos.




Tewinkle Park. Photo provided by Alex Tran.



Tewinkle Park

Twinkle Park is another great option for those wanting a nature scenery as the background for their photos.  Located in Costa Mesa, it is a lush, picturesque area with a cute duck pond and waterfall.




Corona Del Mar. Photo provided by Alex Tran.


Corona Del Mar

Corona Del Mar is the perfect beach location with breathtaking views, especially for those wanting a beach background for their portraits. Not only is it in close proximity to the homecoming location, the beach has neat caves and coves to take pictures in front of, and will provide you with stunning photos.




Cerritos Sculpture Garden. Photo provided by Alex Tran.


Cerritos Sculpture Garden

The Cerritos Sculpture Garden is a free cultural attraction at the Cerritos Civic Center with visually-appealing sculptures and a well-manicured scenery.  Although the location is quite far, the pictures will definitely be worth the drive to Cerritos.