Boys’ water polo comes up short against Edison

Senior Jake Huynen treads up the water to block the oncoming shot. Photo by Vinh Nguyen

By Dzuy Nguyen, Staff Writer 

Boys’ Water Polo played the game of the week against the Edison Chargers. The game featured an increasingly explosive pace, with pivotal points scored by Kyle Graham (18’) and mesmerizing blocks made by Jake Huynen (18’). Although the Barons fought hard the game ended with a loss of 9-17.

The match started at a slow pace, with both teams seemingly evenly matched. However, as the quarter progressed, Edison eventually garnered the lead, scoring 3 goals. The Barons were not phased. Towards the end of the quarter, Graham scored an important point for FVHS with an elegant hook shot.

The game moved forward into the second quarter, livening up into a more evenly-matched paced. Unfortunately, the Chargers quickly scored two goals, bringing the score up 1-5. In response, Graham masterfully garnered two points back for the Barons, bringing the difference back 3-5.

Into the third quarter, the match began heating up. Although the Barons were exhausted from the arduous game, we never let up. The teams began scoring point after point in quick exchanges. Pivotal goals were shot by sophomore Justin Yang and senior Khoi Pham. Pham was a key player throughout the quarter, displaying an unmatched prowess in field-blocking and shooting. In the final moments of the quarter, Pham scored a beautiful shot from the center of the pool. The score was now 6-11.

The fourth quarter exploded into a fiery pace. Both teams were valiantly battling for each point, but senior goalie Jake Huynen was an unstoppable wall. Huynen displayed an unparalleled skill in blocking some of the Chargers’ fastest shots. Graham scored point after point for the Barons, but Edison continued to score back. The game finally ended with a tragic score of 9-17.

“Yeah, we played hard, but definitely nowhere near as good as we should’ve. We didn’t play terribly, but we underperformed. I’m not too happy about it, seeing that we’ve been beating Edison before. But, every game is an experience, and I think our team learned a lot from today going forward into the future,” says player Pham.