Fall Festival brings a costly night of fun and games

Connect2Asia greets the incoming crowd with an array of fresh dumplings. Photo courtesy of Kelly Nguyen.

By Elise Tran, Staff Writer

On Saturday, Fountain Valley High School’s (FVHS) Choir program introduced a new event called the Fall Festival.

The event was intended to be a spin-off of FVHS’ annual Spring Fest. Although the night was filled with fun games and food, it didn’t quite reach to par.

To start off, the method of payment was tedious as people weren’t allowed to pay with cash but had to purchase tickets that would then be used to “pay” for the various items. Although this method is effective, it would have been much easier for both clubs and customers if they were able to pay in cash.

In addition, despite there being many booths varying from mac and cheese to a ping pong toss game, the event itself was very pricey: the price for entry was $5 per person and $8 for two people.

The haunted maze and house created by theater and choir students was fantastic and definitely worth the five tickets. The maze was fun to go around with friends and was about five to 10 minutes long full of jump scares. They  did a great job playing their part and not breaking character.

The festival also sold pumpkins for varying ticket prices, but they was generally cheap considering the size.

For the younger kids, a small train circled around campus from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m giving them a fun, but short ride.

However for the clubs, it wasn’t very successful. A lack of attendance made it difficult to sell all of the food, drinks and items. Food and drinks varied in price, but stayed within one to five tickets which is equivalent to $1 to $5. Many clubs barely broke even and some even lost money.

The date chosen was also poor because many students attended the Bell Game against Edison High School the night before; many students were probably tired and wanted to rest for the night, thus preventing them from attending this event.

Overall, the Fall Festival was a good idea but it is in need of some improvements and will hopefully continue to reach out to the students and the community.