Boys’ water polo falls short against Los Alamitos

Senior Kyle Graham preparing to shoot over the Los Al goalie to score a point. Photo by Vinh Nguyen.

By Dzuy Nguyen, staff writer

This Wednesday, the Barons varsity boys’ water polo team played against Los Alamitos in an intense match. The game began at a slow tempo but slowly escalated further into the quarters. Although the Barons fought hard, they, unfortunately, lost with a score of 6-16.

The first quarter kicked off at a slow pace, neither team scoring points. However, Los Alamitos soon began to quickly score points, putting the Barons behind 0-3. In response, offensive player senor Kyle Graham quickly gained footing and scored a beautiful backhanded shot past the Los Alamitos goalie to end the quarter 1-3.

Into the second quarter, the match began to heat up. Both teams seemed to begin playing more aggressively, with points increasingly being scored. Unfortunately, the Barons fell behind, creating larger and larger score gap. However, scores by junior Justin Giang and senior Dylan LeBaron helped to narrow the gap, bringing the quarter to a sharp close 8-3.

The final half of the match was fiery and intense as the teams were battling to their limits. However, for every point FVHS captured, Los Alamitos seemed to gain multiple back. Mesmerizing shots were made by Graham and Lebaron, highlighting each of their individual skills. Most notable, however, was senior goalie Jake Huynen who displayed a plethora of impressive blocks throughout the half, stopping a majority of Los Alamitos’ shots. Despite Huynen’s immensely powerful defense, the Barons still lost 6-16.

“We definitely didn’t play to the potential that we could’ve. I’m disappointed. We need to take what we can from this experience and apply it to our practice. From there, we can move forward as a team,” said Huynen.