Lockdown interrupts school day

By Aozora Ito & Celine Hoang, Editors-in-Chief and Cecilia Nguyen, News Editor

At approximately 9:55 this morning, Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) was placed on lockdown when notified by the Fountain Valley Police Department (FVPD) of an incident near Talbert and Bushard.

In an email sent to teachers and staff,  Principal Morgan Smith wrote, “We are in a LockDown. We were given notice by FVPD to remain in lockdown until further notice for an issue in our neighborhood. More information to follow.”

Students in Sean Ziebarth’s AP English class sit in a circle during the lockdown with lights off. Photo provided by William Tran.


With a lack of information, students remained nervous while others didn’t think much of the lockdown.

“I just wish they knew more information because I don’t know if I should be scared. I’m kind of nervous because I don’t know what’s going on,” said senior Amy Tran.

“It’s not scary or anything and not many people are taking it seriously. It’s taking a long time,” said senior Hanh Pham.

“When I first heard it my mind went immediately to the worst thing that could happen so it was pretty scary. But as I heard that [it wasn’t on campus], it lessened,” said junior Omeed Ali.

Business teacher Joshua Alvaro believes the students are handling the sudden situation well.

“I think students are dealing with it in the best way they know how. I’m also proud of how responsive the students are to instructions,” said Alvaro.

Senior Desiree Castell believes the students should take the matter more seriously.

“I’m anticipating how long the lockdown is going to take but I feel pretty calm. Looking at group chats, some are scared, some aren’t taking it seriously. I don’t want people to make it such a joking matter,” said Castell.

However, some teachers are still showing videos and movies in class, according to the students’ Snapchat.

“FVPD has advised a lockdown for an issue off of Talbert. Please lock doors and keep students inside the classroom for further notice,” said the message released through Titan Health & Security Technologies Inc.

At 10:54 a.m., Smith announced that the lockdown status changed to shelter in place. Students are to be resumed to a normal school day with the exception that they are not able to leave campus or be picked up by parents until FVPD gives the all clear.

Keep checking this article for more updates.

12:46 p.m. FVPD gave FVHS the all-clear, but Talbert is not accessible for safety reasons. Anyone leaving FVHS must leave northbound on Bushard.

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  1. Parents freaking out on social media was more fun to follow than the actual incident. Students need to show their parents how to use Twitter ———– PLEASE!!

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