Three brand new clubs at FVHS under spotlight

Juniors Sean Le and Vivian Le show students videos on how to edit pictures to appear aesthetic. Photo by Aminah Khan

By Madelyn Moua, Staff Photographer

Kelly Nguyen is a current junior at FVHS and the President of Fountain Valley Blogger Society (FVBS). Nguyen had always been a fan of blogging and writing, so it was only perfect to start a club with her interest and bring together other students with the same hobby. The club teaches the fundamentals of how to blog and how to set up a proficient profile.

“We like everybody to be more aware and know more about social media, because social media now takes up a big part of our lives. We want to show our club members how to represent themselves nicely on social media. For example, a lot of colleges and jobs also look at your Facebook or your Instagram to see if you’re the right fit, we kind of help you make an image, not necessarily professional but something that just looks nice, but you also stand out,” said Nguyen.

Nguyen believes that her club is different than others here on campus because the club is personal interest based rather than community service based. The common ground between her and her members will bring them closer together as she hopes for all her participates to learn how to represent themselves on social media.

Lauren Gergens, a junior at FVHS is the current President of the Fountain Valley Baron Bowling Club (FVBBC). She started this interest club as a Golden Award Project for her Girl Scouts. Gergens’ envisions the club atmosphere as a technology free zone with nothing but interactions with others. The bowling club has a safe ambiance created by the members and they promote physical exercise in an entertaining way.  

“I really hope for people to just get out more and have fun with each other and interact as a community. I think my club can change that because bowling is just a great way to get together with friends and talk and have a lot of fun. It is not super competitive so people aren’t gonna get harsh and mean but it’s just a fun friendly competition,” said Gergens.

Gergens hopes to recruit more members and players into her club, not only by word but also by teachers. She plans to incorporate teachers into her club to create a more competitive environment for the students and teachers. These teachers, she hopes, will spread the word to their classes about the clubs. Before she graduates next year, Gergens hopes to change the opinions of incoming freshman who believe bowling is not a real sport, she wants to motivate them to get out and go bowling.

“[In the future] I eventually see this becoming a bowling team. I think it would be a lot of fun for the students and if it doesn’t become a team, hopefully other schools will develop clubs so we can have competitions throughout the district” said Gergens.

Senior Tuyetnhi Mai is the president of the club, Reach Out. She was inspired to make this new club due to her want of volunteer work and her previous work with KidWorks. KidWorks is a nonprofit organization that helps children in less privileged neighborhoods. Her club volunteers every Friday for the KidWorks University. Mai works in the arts and craft department with kids, creating and helping others with projects, paintings and colorings. She also wants to push for the afterschool program that helps young students with their academics.

“[The club] doesn’t really revolve socially, I’m not really into the social things, mines really about volunteering. At club meetings, we focus on T-shirts and representing ourselves but it’s mainly about the volunteering part. I want people to get more involved with kids, because most volunteerings around here, the things that they do are the same it’s like community service around the city of Fountain Valley but then there are other places who need volunteers too. I think this is a good way to branch open towards them,” states Mai.

Mai believes that the social media connections are not mandatory within this rising club, but rather the social connections with the members will bring them farther in volunteer work.

“I want them [the club] to be known for the volunteering with kids, because there are no clubs that volunteer with kids. Most clubs like Key Club and KIWIN’S they volunteer with the city and with Mile Square Park. But I want the club to be filled with the people who want to strive with working with kids and want to major in psychology. Volunteer with us and you get that experience” concludes Mai.