Ben Minch writes a top koala-ty book

Senior Ben Minch holds his newly published book on koala awareness. Photo by Suzane Jlelati.

By Suzane Jlelati, Staff Writer

In love with koalas and writing, senior Benjamin Minch went ahead and wrote and self-published a book on how climate change is affecting the koala population.

Minch decided to write this book, not just because he had a lot of time on his hands, but to contribute to the limited knowledge that was already available on koalas.

The book, “Koalafied” is about the hypothesis that koalas and other slow, comfortable animals will not survive global warming due to certain factors. Minch also explains other alternatives of why these animals won’t prosper and how humans can help them survive.

Starting in January, the book took about five months to write and an additional few months of editing. Senior Khang Do helped create the book cover for Minch and one of his friends helped edit the book. It is not yet officially published but Minch printed the book from  

“I’ve already written two [books], so I probably won’t [write more]. Maybe in the future, but not anytime soon because college will take too much of my time,” said Minch.

Although not many people know about Minch’s book as only six copies have been printed, The Australian Koala Foundation is planning on selling Minch’s book on their website. Once they put up his book, Minch will do his own mass distribution.  

Presale of Minch’s book is $8 but the price will go up to $10 once the book comes out.

“Writing books seems like a lot of work, but it’s actually not that hard, especially if you have a lot of free time,” said Minch, considering that he wrote two chapters of the book on an airplane flight to Boston.