Uncovering the myth of the Turducken

The cooked version of the majestic Turducken. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey W. via Creative Commons.

This article is not factually correct and only done for entertainment purposes.

By Elise Tran, Staff Writer

During Thanksgiving week, people wait in tremendous lines to grab the treasured turkey, but they’ve yet to reach the surface of the true meat of Thanksgiving: the Turducken.

The Turducken: a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey, all deboned of course, not to be mixed up with the Gooducken, the chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a goose. No one knows to this day who discovered the Turducken. It’s said to be found by Paul Prudhomme, a celebrity chef from Louisiana. How he was able to find and catch the Turducken still leaves numerous people baffled. Now, it roams free in the wild in the United States, England and France as well as other various places around the world.

Sightings of the Turducken are mainly reported in areas where the beast roams free (the U.S., France and England), but it has also been seen in Turkey, the Canary Islands in Spain and Bird City in Kansas. The Turduckens do quite well with the indigenous birds of every area, because they are peaceful to all with an exception to humans. They’re known to be rowdy towards humans because of their reputation of murdering birds and devouring them. There has been a staggering amount of Turducken sightings in the past five years with approximately 405 sightings in the United States alone, according to the Fowl Birds Inspections (FBI).

Whether or not it is found in southern California is still debated amongst scientists and bird enthusiasts. Out of the 405 sightings, only two of them have been from California. Many believe that the two sightings were due to travelers bringing the Turducken home for the holidays.

However, there will always be skeptics. Many people oppose the existence of a Turducken, or a what they call “that mutilated chicken-turkey thing”. Those people have equated the existence to many other mythical beasts and animals such as Bigfoot and unicorns. Despite all the research done by the FBI, they still won’t accept any evidence that the Turducken is real.

Only a select few have tried a Turducken, but it takes a lot of time, effort, preparation and especially skill. If you have the opportunity to catch a Turducken, you can try this recipe from Prudhomme linked here.

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