MC3 builds a community, one block at a time

MC3 lines up in their Minecraft server for a nice picture. Screenshot by MC3, requested by Vinh Nguyen.

By Theo Vuong, Staff Writer

Every Monday at lunch, MC3, better known as the Minecraft Club, meets in Room 205 to build a community and stimulate the imagination of members via the popular online game, Minecraft.

“(The game) is a sandbox… in which you’re given the options of building with many blocks and for the most part, it’s just limited to your imagination,” said junior president Edward Jean. 

The game is very reminiscent of Lego blocks where players build and create almost whatever they want. Unlike Lego blocks, however, Minecraft offers a virtual world with virtual materials, eliminating all of the physical boundaries of the popular plastic toys. Instead of scrounging for pieces or being forced to buy new ones, all of the components are already built into the game and ready for use.

The club was unofficially created in 2015, where Jean gathered up a few of his close friends to simply play the game. After its attendance at Club Rush, the club grew in membership and received its official name due to a suggestion from its members.

While the club is certainly based entirely on a video game where members typically do not see each other while playing, this has not stopped its members from bonding and forming connections amongst themselves.

“When I started playing, I just played solo… I just made stuff by myself. But when I joined the Minecraft Club, I began playing with other players. It allowed me to socialize more with the community. I got into more teamwork-based things and I think it helped me as a person,” said junior secretary Anton Than. 

If one wishes to join MC3, the only requirements are an account for the game and an ever-growing imagination.

The original idea for this article was pitched first by Huy Truong, Jacob Gliddon, and Nathan Tran of Fountain Valley High School’s Baron Broadcast News. Their video on this topic can be found here (timestamp 9:17).