Girls’ soccer keeps Eagles on the ground

Junior Chantelle Sanchez fights to keep the ball in her possession fending off two Estancia players. Photo by Elise Tran.

By Benjamin Minch, Staff Writer

On December 19, Baron girls’ varsity soccer went up against the Estancia Eagles and won with a crushing score of 4-0. The game was filled with action packed plays, crosses and shots which caused for the Barons to come out on top.

At kickoff, it was clear that the Barons had the advantage as they did not allow Estancia to gain possession of the ball. Their possession of the ball was matched with a near goal by senior Kylie Wilson on a drive down the right side.

Five minutes into the first quarter, the first goal for the Barons sunk into the top corner of the goal off of a header by senior Marissa Lynch. The goal gave the Barons an early 1-0 lead and helped them gain momentum for the rest of the game.

Estancia had a close drive after falling behind, but this drive was quickly put to an end by another goal scored by Lynch. The perfectly executed shot was caused by a timely through-ball pass by senior Kylie Wilson, and made the score 2-0 in the Baron’s favor.

Stellar defense by senior Ally Bebout and junior Samantha Valdez allowed the Barons to stall the rest of the first half and kept Estancia from shooting a single shot on the goal.

The second half began with a close shot attempt by sophomore Aliyah Lorsung-Gordon on a breakaway drive. This attempt however, turned into a goal on the next play as Lorsung-Gordon passed the ball to sophomore Micaela Villafuerte for an easy goal. The Barons extended their lead to 3-0, increasing their damanding lead over Estancia.

Nearing down to the final minutes of the fourth quarter, Wilson scored the final goal off of a cross and breakaway. The game ended with a whopping score of 4-0, improving the Barons’  record of 6-1-1 for the season.

The Barons next home game will be on December 21 at 3:00pm home. The girls hope to keep their win streak alive and defeat Ocean View for what could be the second time this season.