FVHS hosts its first official Meme Day

By Jennifer Nguyen and Vivian Yenson, Staff Writers and Photographers

On Friday Dec. 22, Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) presented its first official meme dress up day that featured creative students imitating popular internet memes.

There is an abundance of memes on the internet—to the point where it’s almost impossible to scroll through one’s Facebook newsfeed without seeing a meme. For many, memes have become a way of life rather than just a hobby.

Recently, many high schools have been including a meme dress up day in their spirit dress up weeks to keep up with today’s trends. With many student requests, the Associated Student Body (ASB) has finally decided to host its first official meme dress up day. Each dress up day is decided by ASB’s Spirit Commissioners, which include junior Athena Schlusemeyer, junior Natalie Scott and senior Oscar Benitez.

“Spirit Commission has been thinking of Meme Day since the summertime and finally decided to put it in winter’s spirit week. We wanted try something different and creative in hopes that the student body would participate and love it,” said Scott.

Many students enjoyed dressing up for meme day, as well as seeing what others dressed up as, including seniors Ithar Abdalla and Ian McKeever.

“I was really excited about meme day and it was fun to see people’s creative side and dressing up as their favorite memes. However, I wish it was on a different spirit week so that people would be more willing to dress up,” said Abdalla.

“I think meme day is a great idea for students to have fun, especially on the final day before winter break. It was amazing seeing how people were able to replicate some hard-to-do memes; there definitely was not a lack of creativity,” said McKeever.

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