Girls’ water polo swim in oil against Huntington Beach

Coach calls in a time out in the final quarter for a quick talk with the girls. Photo by Francisco Nguyen.

By Suzane Jlelati, Staff Writer

The girls’ varsity water polo team fell against the Huntington Beach Oilers in their second home game matchup with a final score of 1-15.

“I hope we make it into CIF, I’m more concerned with taking each league game at a time. My goal is to leave the program by keeping the mentality up and leave it in good shape for next year,” said senior co-captain Ally Wilcox.

The first quarter went entirely to the Oilers. Although no points were made by the Barons, they attempted many close shots and goalie junior Taylor Waldschmidt made successful blocks to prevent the Oilers from further scoring.

The Lady Barons kept strong defense and stayed pressed throughout but made no points in the second quarter, with Huntington Beach up by seven points.

In the third quarter, Waldschmidt made a nice block against an angled shot but missed the next point, to bring the score up 0-8. Due to Huntington’s aggressive defensive moves and quick offensive plays, the quarter ended 0-11, but the Lady Barons were still hopeful in preventing anymore points and scoring one of their own.

“This was one of our toughest games but our next games shouldn’t be that bad. If we can just work on our offense a little bit more, I think we’ll be able to score more goals and definitely get more opportunities on offense; I think our defense is looking really good,” said senior co-captain Grace Galleher.

In the final quarter, the Oilers may have gotten the point but Waldschmidt made another successful block. Co-captain Ally Wilcox scored the first point of the evening for the Barons with a long shot, to get the Barons on the board 1-14. Huntington scored the last point of the game with a quick play, ending the game 1-15.

“I think [the girls] did very well. I told them all we were going to do was play defense this game and that’s what they did,” said Coach Jacob Moore. “Our goal is to place fourth place in league by beating Edison and then I’d like to go to CIF, which we can do.”