Behind the Scenes of “Pick your Teacher” (Ep. 10)

Matthew Mallory (senior) and Tara Trao (senior) Filming and directing the “Pick your Teacher” segment

By Jenny Nguyen

Ever wondered how us BBN students work out segments for the episodes? Well, as you’ve seen in episode 10, “Pick Your Teacher” was all filmed and edited in a day! Teamwork was what made all of this possible.

To set up the studio, we contacted William Luong (junior) and he went through many trials to get the perfect lighting. After setting everything we needed for the set, all that was needed to be done was filming. At first, they had problems when contacting the actors and teachers, but with a quick problem-solving skill, they all managed to get everyone where they needed to be on time.

We had prepared a script and everything the actors needed to know before filming… Planning is very important when making videos in this classroom!

Matthew Mallory (senior) and William Luong (junior) set up the studio for the video

During filming, we set up two cameras and our episode directors gave instructions to everyone on set. There are always going to be times when your actors forget their lines, but that’s┬ájust natural. Just be patient and keep on positively encouraging them!

In the end, the episode 10 team got all of the filming done in about an hour! All that was needed to be done then was to clean up. Remember to always clean up. No one wants a messy studio for their next package!

Remember, aspiring BBN members… Plan, execute and clean up. Those are the key steps in┬ámaking anything you’d ever want to create!


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