Ally Lenguyen

by Aozora Ito, Sports Editor

They say that life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get. Well, there’s someone out there who is the box of chocolate itself, except instead of 24 chocolates, it seems like an infinite amount. There’s someone out there who is a sponge that when squeezed, one is surprised to realize the seemingly limitless amount of water that it held.29613079752_4d0d52d280_k

As her fourth year of being part of the class, that girl, a senior at Fountain Valley High School, is the managing editor of Baron Banner. She is the co-president of California Scholarship Federation (CSF) as well as being the captain of mock trial and a varsity tennis player. Her schedule being filled from zero through six periods with a bunch of AP classes, it is a wonder how she manages her time.

At this point, one may think she is a well-rounded student with a good balance of academics, athletics and extracurriculars; that’s just a tiny part of her. That was only a few drops of water.

This girl is also artistic; the walls of her room are covered with her paintings filled with wonder and imagination. On her free time, she would change into her painting shirt blotted with paint and dive straight into her inner world of creativity. After hours or even days of indulging in her work, a masculine Superman is completed.

“Risk-taking,” she said, is an important value to her. Deep under her small body lies the heart of a tiger. Whether it may be adding even more to her packed schedule or jumping into the school’s swimming pool when no one was around, she just follows her heart all the way.

Not to mention, she’s one of the most compassionate, understanding person one will ever meet once they get to know her on a whole new level. A lot of people find themselves comfortable around her; she has the magical power to make people feel important, like they’re in the right place at the right time talking to her. Does that make sense? No, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

Pick up one chocolate and enjoy their smell, shape, and feel. But, before devouring it in one bite, explore inside the box a little more. Because it’ll seem as if the box of chocolates have no end.

That, is Ally Lenguyen.

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