Aozora Ito

By Ally Lenguyen, Managing Editor

There are many types of people in this vast world. People ranges from all sizes, all beliefs, all cultures, and all ideals. People who all dream different things, strive for different things, and live their lives the best way they know how.29097508044_ac342c8c28_k

And then there is Aozora Sarah Ito.

Ito is different. She has walked this world for only sixteen years yet she gazes at it with eyes that haved lived hundreds. Intelligent and kind hearted, Ito walks into class with a smile on her face and eyes bright, burning, and alway eager to learn and experience and understand all that she can about the world around her. Loved by her teachers and her peers, she’s the type of person who slips her way out of the boxed norm and into a whole new different world.

Always warm and an amazing giver of hugs, her smiles can stretch from cheek to cheek with dimples showing through and eyes warm and filled with nothing but you because she is the kind of person who will meet you eye for eye. Ito is the kind of person who gives up sleep to be able to read instead. Upon entering a bookstore she heads straight toward the kind of books that promise to change the world and can plow through them as fast as she swings her racquet on the tennis courts.

Ito is always willing to lend a helping hand, even if she finds herself swamped and busy with her own work. She’s the type of person who will go out of her way to see to it that you get an ‘A’ before herself, putting her all into all that she does and seeing it through to the end. She is bold and courageous, never afraid to ask questions and seeking to learn and experience so much more of the world. because Ito is not the kind of person who will merely go about their days in any regular fashion.

She’s constantly seeking to make a difference. She wants to do the kinds of things that no one else does, go to the kind of places no one else has gone before, see the things that no one else has seen, and be the kind of person she knows will do amazing things. She is unique and beautiful and kind and has an unhealthy but wonderful addiction to sour plums. Ito is the kind of person who’ll wish on 11:11 and thinks her idea of a hang out is getting together to work out or study. You can find her sitting on a set of swings or staying up late into the nights sitting beside a piano and playing her heart out for the world at sleep to hear.

Full of love for her family and friends, and the entire world around her, Ito is the kind of person who is always willing to make room for more in her heart.

Aozora Ito is like the sun. She is warm and full and bright and attempts to envelop all in her rays of sunshine. True to her name, she comes into your life with a personality as wide and free as the blue sky above you. For her the possibilities are endless, and there is no challenge she can’t fight to overcome.

Through in through, whether on the courts, in a class, or simply sitting beside the piano at midnight, Aozora Ito is completely and wonderfully one of a kind.

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