Cayla Nguyen: Designer-in-Chief

By Cecilia Nguyen, News Editor

Cayla Nguyen (n.) – not to be confused with Kayla; also known as Caybae

Where some students start having those mid-high school crises at the ripe age of 16 entering their junior year, Cayla Nguyen (‘19) seems to have her life not completely catastrophic. As only a junior, Cayla already knows where she’s headed and has been involved with many extracurriculars throughout her high school career. Although she comes with a few nervous chuckles and some awkward pauses, Cayla is truly one of the few genuine people left in this world.

Joining Baron Banner barely as a freshman and receiving the role of Designer-in-Chief only her sophomore year, Cayla knows the ins and outs of anything journalism and design. She walks everyday into Room 306 with a happy smile, sometimes late, but always with a smile. Along with teaching her to come out of her shell, Baron Banner has also added more opportunities for Cayla to express herself as an artistic individual.

“It gives me a creative outlet to forget about all the stress that is going on in my life. Designing and everything that relates to art lets me be in my own world and focus on what I’m doing,” said Nguyen.

Solely focused on designing last year, Cayla hopes to start writing again this year to improve her skills.

Apart from Baron Banner, Cayla also dedicates her time to KIWIN’S, a community service based club. As treasurer, she books the club’s fundraisers and is in charge of anything revolving money. Not only does Cayla take care of money, she also likes “tuh make money yeah”. She works at Kumon twice a week for three hours and tutors little kids in math and reading. From volunteering for the community to helping kids become more intelligent, Cayla’s passion to help can not be stopped.

“Helping people is one of the things I enjoy the most. I like working with kids especially because in the future, I want to have a job that relates to kids,” said Nguyen.

Her forte for kids most likely comes from growing up with four brothers. Being the only girl out of her siblings have caused minor difficulties, but they are all outweighed as she admits being a little spoiled because of it. Despite any disagreements, Cayla deeply cherishes her family.

“Family is the one thing I value the most in life, and I know that family is going to help me get through life,” said Nguyen.

In her free time. Cayla likes to paint, swim and watch Netflix; her favorite shows are “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Flash”, “Riverdale” and “Game of Thrones”, and her favorite movie is “Up”. In the future, Cayla wants to attend a University of California and pursue her dreams of being a pediatrician.