Cayla Nguyen

B29099699463_47add6b6c3_ky Cecilia Nguyen, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Standing at five feet two inches with long dark hair, Cayla Nguyen (‘19) seems just like the average student at Fountain Valley High School. However, Nguyen has special skills and passions that are revealed once dug a little deeper. Although she might seem reserved, her art and creativity expresses more than what she can say out loud.

As Designer-in-Chief for Baron Banner as only a sophomore, Cayla has a certain eye for graphic designing and art. She goes to art class every Friday for two and a half hours and can work on one painting for up to four months. She typically likes to oil paint nature and landscapes.

This is her second year in Baron Banner and it has already impacted her life. Cayla joined freshman year and found her love for design. Baron Banner has given her confidence, a stronger voice and new computer techniques.

Growing up in a big family with one brother, three half brothers, her mom, dad and stepmom, She values family as one of the most important factors in her life. As the only girl child at home, the most important person in her life is her mom. She looks up to her mom as a role model and can always turn to her for help and advice.

Cayla describes herself as a shy person with lots of perseverance and determination. When she sets her mind to something, she does it no matter how many obstacles she has to go through. She might not be the one to initiate the conversation, but once people get to know her, she can be outgoing and loud.

In her free time, Cayla likes to swim, do arts and crafts and watch Netflix. Her favorite shows include Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, The Walking Dead and Korean dramas. She hopes to travel to Australia and Europe in the future.


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