Cecilia Nguyen: News Editor

By Cayla Nguyen, Designer-In-Chief

With a positive attitude and outgoing personality, junior Cecilia Nguyen (most notably known as Cece) is already on her path to success, whatever that path may be. Cece is a talented, hardworking individual that can accomplish anything she sets her mind to, even if it does involve the typical procrastination until 2 a.m. in the morning.

Cece has already achieved countless things at the age of 16, including in Baron Banner in which she landed the position of Arts and Entertainment Editor as a sophomore and News Editor as a current junior.

Outside of her world in Baron Banner as News Editor, Cece expresses herself through her love of creative writing, dancing, designing and volunteering.

“I’m always doing multiple things, but it all connects to how I express my feelings. Everything that I do and that I like doing expresses my feelings in some way creatively,” said Nguyen.

Cece spends a large amount of her time volunteering and completing tasks for her club KIWIN’S, which is community service based, as the Corresponding Secretary. Through her position, she is able to design monthly newsletters which act as her creative outlets because she can customize them to her liking.

Not only does KIWIN’S act as a way for her to express herself artistically, it also allows her to fulfil her love for helping by creating a means of volunteering that isn’t “boring” as many people believe. Cece also shares that KIWIN’S has played a huge role in shaping her to be the person she is today.

“KIWIN’S has definitely taught me to become a leader and become really involved with our community…It taught me to love to help,” said Nguyen.

Another big aspect of her life is dance; she has been dancing for eight years and is currently on the Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) dance team as the Jazz/Lyrical Co-captain.

In her spare time when she’s not busy with her countless activities, Cece enjoys watching her favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix: “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Riverdale,” “Stranger Things,”and “Clueless.” She describes herself as an avid food lover when it comes to all things sushi and chocolate.

She also finds relief in taking the time to post on her Instagram spam account and rant about her daily life problems and experiences.

“I write about anything and everything,” said Nguyen.

As of now, Cece doesn’t have a specific university that she wants to attend nor a set major that she wants to specialize in but, she does hope to travel to Europe and the East Coast at some time in the future.

Although Cece may not know what her future looks like, it is certain that she will accomplish remarkable things in what the future has in store for her.