Cecilia Nguyen

By Cayla Nguyen, Designer-in-Chief

For only being a new sophomore in high school, Cecilia Nguyen (‘19) has already engaged herself  in numerous activities in school; she is on the Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) dance team, the FVHS song team as Junior Varsity (JV) captain and is the publicist for her club KIWIN’s.29097514524_85eaf3272d_k

Her love of web layout emerged from her time in yearbook during eighth grade, which lead her to apply as a staff designer for Baron Banner her freshman year and as publicist in KIWIN’s where she makes banners for different volunteering events.

Initially, Cecilia applied solely as a designer but once she expanded her fields to arts and entertainment writing, she began to love expressing herself through DIYs and recipe articles. Now a sophomore, she is the Arts and Entertainment editor and a staff designer.

Coming into the jazz and lyrical high school team from eight years of ballet, which mainly focuses on individual dancing, Cecilia says being on the jazz/lyrical team has taught her to work as a team making sure that the team performs as a whole, and everyone is the same while performing. Her experience in Baron Banner has also taught her to have more confidence in her writing and her voice while speaking to higher authorities.

Outside of her hectic life at school, Cecilia enjoys relaxing and watching her favorite shows, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Gossip Girl”, on Netflix. She considers herself a fanatic when it comes to food, especially sushi and chocolate, and the color pink.

Cecilia’s family plays the biggest role in how she got to where she is today; they help her through all of her struggles and give her the motivation to excel in what she does the best she can.

“[My family] has really impacted me because whenever I need help, they’re always there. And my mom is always there to help me and teach me life skills and my dad is always there to support me… I really look up to [my older sister]. She’s really an inspiration to me and she understands what I’m going through and she always encourages me to do the most that I can and I don’t think I would be where I am right now without my family,” said Cecilia.

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