Celine Hoang

By Aminah Khan, Staff Writer and Photographer29433053220_e24d2161f4_k

Junior Celine Hoang joined Baron Banner during her freshman year in hopes of finding a place where she would fit in on campus. Hoang proudly stands here three years later as Social Media editor for Baron Banner. In addition to that, she is the Treasurer of Make-a-Wish and Co-activities Coordinator for Live 2 Free. These other extra-curriculars keep her hands full but that doesn’t stop her from hanging out with friends and trying out new restaurants.

“[My friends and I] hang out at the beach and my favorite food is sushi and poke,” said Celine.

Hoang loves trying new foods, hanging out with friends and reading. In her spare time, she can be found making Do-It-Yourself (DIY) room decor. This summer, Celine spent time surfing by the beaches and shopping with friends. Beneath Celine’s bubbly and ecstatic personality, she is also loyal, trustworthy and dependable, as described by her close friends.

This past summer she also hiked at Zion national park in Utah and visited Cabo Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Hoang grew with excitement as she talked about Zion National Park.

“My favorite part was spending time with my family and going through The Narrows,” she said.

Aside from the action in her daily life, Hoang enjoys watching the Fast and Furious saga and reading the Harry Potter series. Hoang is also a fan of Disney movies, her favorites being Tangled and Frozen. Baron Banner was a place for Hoang found she could be herself.

“I also wanted to join because I was scared I wouldn’t find my place in highschool, and now it is one of the many places!” she said.

In the future, Celine aspires to work in the medical field as a neonatal nurse.

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