Kyle Nguyen: Managing Editor

By Olivia Krueger, sports editor

Going into his fourth and final year at Fountain Valley High School, senior Kyle Nguyen aims to go out strong and with no regrets.

Nguyen has seemingly made his mark at FVHS by establishing himself as Treasurer of Leo Club, Vice President of Ecology Club and Managing Editor for Baron Banner along side of constantly producing straight A’s.

Nguyen believes that school is mainly learning to manage and balance time and somewhat inputs that into his studious work ethic which generates excellent work and results, however, even he does not quite understand how he does it.

“I’m a huge perfectionist, but at the same time I’m very lazy, so I don’t know how it works out but I just am,” said Nguyen.

Aside from school, Nguyen’s charismatic and joyful nature makes him easy to talk to and has hopes to further better his senior year by getting to know new people and stepping more out of his comfort zone.

In Nguyen’s free time, he enjoys being a couch potato, as he called himself, and watching YouTube or his favorite movie, Monsters Inc., or listening to Adele or K-pop bands. He also enjoys cooking for his family and wishes to learn more about Vietnamese cooking.

In order to get him through his stressful years of high school, Nguyen always reminded himself of the quote, “Even if the whole world gives up on you, it only matters that you don’t give up on yourself.”

While Nguyen shows pride in his high school resume and how he has grown as a person, he wishes to continue his pattern of straight A’s while maintaining his many extracurriculars and meeting new students throughout his final year.

Nguyen continues to grow as a kind hearted person and a well rounded student whose ambition will carry him closer and closer to his undecided major once he graduates high school.