Laura Le: Business Manager

By Celine Hoang, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Every morning at 7:00 a.m.,  Laura Le (‘18) can be seen walking into Baron Banner with a smile on her face. Whether she was able to sleep the recommended nine hours, or barely hit four, there is never a moment where Laura isn’t grinning from ear to ear.

Laura joined Baron Banner with the suggestion of Celine Hoang (‘18) and the promise of choices; she would be able to make a choice in everything that she did, wrote, or photographed. Thoughts about being able to write endless food reviews and Do-It-Yourself articles persuaded her to fill out an application. Once admitted, Laura wrote countless articles ranging from ice cream reviews along with a personal favorite, feature writing because she gets to know students at Fountain Valley High School (FVHS).  Through all of her hard work, she is now the Business Manager of Baron Banner. Her favorite article that she ever wrote was “OVHS students exit class in protest of the removal of DACA.

“Writing this story allowed me to bring awareness to the DACA program and its effects on students within our district. Additionally, I got to talk to people I never knew previously by interviewing them. After the article was published, I even received messages thanking me for bringing awareness to the matter form students who attended OVHS,” said Le.

In addition to Baron Banner, Laura Le’s schedule is filled to the brim as she has taken a rigorous course load, is the Co-President of the California Scholastic Federation, Treasurer of National Honor Society (NHS) and has been involved in Link Crew for two years.

“I love everything that I do, so when I have a lot on my plate, it doesn’t feel that way because I chose to do everything that I’m doing,” said Le. 

Laura has an afternoon to spare, she loves trying new foods and activities and basking in the sun with her friends to create new experiences. Last summer, she went kayaking for the first time and tried The Boba Guys. Her favorite place to travel is San Francisco because of the differences in lifestyles. The biggest item on her bucket list is to one day go skydiving.

In the future, Laura hopes to attend the University of California, Irvine to study business administration or business economics and use her knowledge about business to become an investment manager. She believes she is too young to think about romance, but she eventually wants to settle down locally and buy an annual pass to Disneyland.

With the endless amount of choices Baron Banner offers and how it fits her business interests, it’s no wonder that Laura arrives everyday with a smile, knowing that she can write her own path.