Sandra On

by Yasir Khaleq, Staff Writer and Photographer

Watcher of Worlds Sandra On (‘17) is a Fountain Valley High School attending, cello playing, second chair of orchestra sitting, piano smashing, picture taking goddess in chamber orchestra.

Also president of Friday Night Live, On is seemingly always doing something around school. If she’s not, it’s definitely because she decided to procrastinate and wait until the last minute to do it.29724082045_3a5075840d_k

“That’s a big problem with me. I have so much on my plate, so I end up procrastinating too much. It’s my main way of solving my problems,” said On.

When she’s procrastinating, she likes to play, write, and listen to music. Considering she’s a divine being, these things come naturally to Sandra. When it comes to music, she enjoys a broad spectrum of punk, indie, alternative, and classical. This stems from her ancestry.

“People think I’m Japanese or Korean. I absolutely am not. I’m a Viet,Chinese and French mix. It’s the biggest misconception people have of me. For example, if I had a million balloons, I’d gather a lot of people to pop every single one with sharp things so we could all release our anger. I think my heritage has a lot to do with that,” said On.

Outside the realm of morality, On has an extremely strong connection with spirits and ghosts. She and her family have had many personal experiences and close encounters with spirits and even claims to have come across a close encounter of the seventh kind. This doesn’t come as a surprise to her, as On has always been one who barely exists on this realm of human understanding.

“I’m not sure how to explain it. A lot of times I’m not actually here. Fortunately, my powers allow me to create a refraction of my own image that normal human minds here at FVHS can process and understand” said On.

When On graduates high school (hopefully with good grades and the ability to go to a good university) she wishes to visit the Northern Lights before they dim and all of Europe.

“Especially France. I really want to see what France is like and understand and explore their culture,” said On.

On is extremely excited for senior year, as her psychic (recently dyed) purple hair has allowed her to already see how the year pans out for her.

“This one is gonna be a good one. I’m FNL president, photo manager for Baron Banner, second chair for orchestra, and I’ve got the world ahead of me. This last year, and I’m off to explore the world,” said On.

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