Steve Phan

29724084025_36b5e12b6e_kBy Judy Hua, Staff Writer

Junior Steve Phan is an aspiring photographer and writer. Even though this is only Steve’s first year in Baron Banner, he is already an experienced photographer. Photography has been Steve’s hobby ever since 6th grade and he enjoys taking pictures whenever he has free time.

However, Steve still feels that he needs to improve his writing. As a result, one of his least favorite subjects in school is English. Despite this fact, Steve joined Baron Banner not only to improve his writing, but also to improve his photography skills.

Even though Steve does not enjoy English as much as his other classes, he loves reading in his spare time. Two of Steve’s favorite books are “Candide” and “Catch 22.” He likes these books because they are paradoxical and have a lot of philosophy.

Steve’s favorite subject in school is Chemistry because it’s challenging. When Steve was asked who he would like to bring back to life, he answered Marie Curie, a famous physicist and chemist.

Furthermore, Steve also engages in several extracurricular activities. In his freshman year, he was a member of the swim team. Unfortunately, he has to quit because he felt swim took up too much of his time. Steve had also been a member of Red Cross for three years and enjoys volunteering at the Westminster Library.

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