Aminah Khan

By Madee Moua, Staff Writer

As a young and passionate journalist who can capture the eyes of many, Aminah Khan is a current sophomore at Fountain Valley High School (FVHS). Khan is an outgoing teen who loves to read and binge-watch “The Office.”

“It’s absolutely my favorite show hands down, no TV show can beat The Office.”

Khan’s bubbly and upbeat personality has sprung her into a social butterfly, allowing her to thrive in social environments. She is not afraid to voice her opinions and thoughts as she is very strong-minded and persuasive and is often perceived as a powerful person who never falters. In addition to being strong, she is also outgoing and isn’t shy to share her opinion on a topic.

In the future, she plans to travel to New York City. Her love for a big bustling city never ceases as she loves the huge population and diversity that New York offers. The loud city with food of all kinds excites Khan. She believes sitting on a park bench getting lost in thought on a sunny day would be ideal.

NYC has so many different restaurants cafes and food trucks in such a small area and I would love to discover and taste so many cuisines from around the world,” said Khan. 

Another place she would enjoy traveling to would be Cochin (Kochi), India, specifically, the beautiful southern port that Khan holds close to her heart.

“I would love to go back and simply bask in the tropical climate, lively culture, and abundant coconut trees,” said Khan.

Khan is very involved with her community; she partakes in Illumination Foundation as the historian and publicist, as well as Academic Decathalon. In her past year, she has won a medal for second place in a ten subject competition.

Along with her bustling schedule, Khan is a bright student who tackles her first AP class, AP European History, with confidence. When asked what historical event would she change she chose the Holocaust because of how upsetting it was.

“I think that was a really terrible time and over 6 million Jews lost their lives to this. To this day, reading and listening stories about refugees who escaped the war is really upsetting and I don’t want history to repeat itself, ever,” said Khan.

As a staff writer and photographer for Baron Banner, Khan continues to climb the ladder of success as she grows and experiences life.