Aminah Khan

By Laura Le, Staff Writer29613074672_52a679d7b3_k

When Aminah Khan was asked why she joined Baron Banner, she explains that she wanted to expand upon her love for writing and her photography skills. Although the world is beautiful behind the lens of a camera, Aminah prefers living through the lens of her own eyes.

Fond of nature and the world around her, Aminah loves taking road trips and exploring the great outdoors with her family. Out of the places on her list she hopes to visit one day, New York City remains at the top because of her particular love for big cities. Aminah names Mumbai, India, as her favorite city she has been to because of its lively culture and large population.

She loves to be around people and as for her special talent, she’s never shy or nervous when talking in front of a group of people or during a presentation. Although she loves to be outdoors, her dream job is to work in cyber security as an ethical hacker.

When Aninah isn’t embarking on new adventures with her family, friends, or Girl Scout troop, she’s sitting in the comfort of her own home painting and reading. She names the Gallegher Girls as her favorite book series and Jurassic World as her number one movie because of their action-packed storylines. Regarding her appreciation for food, Aminah loves tacos, especially on Tuesday nights. In addition, she enjoys baking and watching Masterchef because of her interest in the culinary arts.

Although Aminah lives a fast-paced life, she tends to slow things down when it comes to school. As for her classes, she is taking a combination of accelerated and honors courses this year. Baron Banner remains her only extracurricular for now, but she hopes to become active in more school activities this year.