Ben Minch

No one has ever stepped foot into Baron Banner, a man as awesome and unique as Benjamin Minch. Senior at Fountain Valley High School, Benjamin comes back a second year to Baron Banner, following his legacy of creative and scientific articles about seagulls. His legendary work was awed by all members of Baron Banner and he hopes to do the same in this upcoming year.

An animal enthusiast himself, Benjamin has been investigating and writing articles about animals ever since he has entered Baron Banner. At least half of his total sum of articles in the previous year were about animals around the area, so his expertise is superior to all others in the subject. He has been personally researching certain species of animals in his bedroom lab, equipped with a microscope and many various research novels by award winning scientists. His favorite of these books is “Beyond Words” by Carl Safina, which is a book about what animals think and feel.

“I really enjoy reading books about animal behaviour because it make the natural world seem much more complex and meaningful than it seems at a surface level,” said Minch. “These books have taught me a greater appreciation of all species of animals and have given me direction and a lifelong goal.”

All of these hours of researching and gaining knowledge about certain animals have been compiled into a research novel that Benjamin has been writing about Koalas and Australia. The book titled “Koalafied” introduces a hypothesis created by Benjamin that shows the potential outcome of a Koala extinction and many other Australian animals as well.

On top of book writing and researching, Minch is also involved in songwriting and has composed two full albums that are available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. He is partnered with the Australian Koala Foundation to help raise money to save koalas and forests.

It may seem like Minch is very involved outside of school, but he actually has a lot of free time that he likes to use playing video games, going to adventurous places and playing board games with friends. Minch is a huge board game enthusiast and loves games such as Machi Koro, Catan, Galaxy Trucker and Carcassonne.

In school, Minch is involved in three clubs: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Cru and Science Olympiad. He is currently the president of Science Olympiad, which furthers his love of science as he gets to compete with other schools. Minch is also on the volleyball team.

“I really enjoy Science Olympiad because it is a super fun way to meet other people who are interested in science… and then wreck them at the competitions” said Minch.

It will be an exciting experience watching Benjamin Minch as he continues his legendary achievements in the Baron Banner. Be sure to check into his new weekly series called “Koalaty Science”, where you too will get to learn interesting things about our natural world.