Ben Minch

By Tejas Chadha, Staff Writer29099694503_aca6d66952_k

Ben Minch can be best described as the swiss army koala lover. He has won a silver medal in the junior national tournament for volleyball, a fitting accomplishment for someone who seems to serve up achievements.

Having a published book and album, while impressive, isn’t enough for Minch. He is looking to create a sequel to his album and hopes it to be even better than the first, a feat that would surprise no one with all that Minch has accomplished.

With unmatched self motivation, we are all waiting to see what he does next. Perhaps it will be work for the official Koala Foundation, an organization centered around the well being of koalas that has been graced with the versatility of Minch. Or maybe it will be with a scientific discovery in his dream field of genetics.

When asked what power he would want he answered that he wanted the ability to shape shift, a power one could say he already has given the way he can handle a variety of challenges. With a resume like Minch’s, it is obvious that even Michael Phelps will be happy to join Minch at his celebrity lunch.

It seems now that swiss army koala lover is an understatement for a man of Minch’s ability, let’s see how his seemingly endless potential takes him this year on Baron Banner.