Bethany Pham

By Suzane Jlelati, Staff Writer29643029881_1b864344cc_k

At first glance, Bethany Pham may seem like an average sophomore going about her day but she is more than just a student and new recruit at Baron Banner. She is the sweetest apple on that faraway tree that was well worth the journey.

Pham joined Baron Banner for one reason and one reason only, to get out of her comfort zone and try something new. She joined on her own account, without any of her close friends knowing or asking for their opinion. She took a risk, a great one even, and jumped into the deep side of the pool without knowing what would be placed in front of her.

Some of her favorite pastimes are PC games and comic books. Pham may not be the best at strategy games but with D.Va at her fingertips, she will be playing Overwatch as a pro. Instead of reading books growing up she read and continues to read comics. Her favorite comic book series is Nova by Gerry Duggan from the Marvel Universe.

Similarly to other students on campus, Pham does not have an exact career in mind but she certainly wants to be someone who can help others. But in the meantime, she’ll enjoy herself at Disneyland, surrounding herself with the spectacular rides, foods, sights and sounds of the magic and wonder.

“Not all those who wander are lost” from JRR Tolkien’s poem All that is Gold Does Not Glitter is her favorite quote. It reminds her that she does not have to follow the norm of society and is allowed to do what she wants and believes in. Bethany Pham is truly a unique and playful person and if you happen to see her, do not be afraid to say hello because every apple has something exceptional behind that polished red covering.