Calvin Tran

By Kaitlyn Ngo, Staff Writer29724085165_afb3b055d3_k

As an avid lover of memes and burritos, Calvin Tran takes pride in the fact that he is an adventurous daredevil who is willing to try almost anything. As most people are looking ahead to the future and planning goals, Calvin differs in the fact that he’s more focused on the present. He plans on seeing where life takes him but like all of us, is currently just trying to survive high school.

One of Calvin’s many achievements and passions is the widely known club Kiwin’s. The club Kiwin’s is associated with the nationwide service based organization Kiwanis. He is on the Kiwin’s District Board and serves a position on the membership committee. Volunteering with this renowned organization and spending time with friends are among two of his favorite past times.

When Calvin isn’t constantly busing and exploring places far and wide, he enjoys spending days at the beach, which one of his many favorite places to be. Growing up in San Diego with his Aunt, the beach feels like his “second home”. He also hopes to one day travel to the beaches of Hawaii in Honolulu because he loves the calm and crazy atmosphere of the entire place.  

Besides having the “superpower” of memory, Calvin has always dreamed of possessing the ability to fly like superman. But like all of us, he does have fears of the monsters under his bed. One of many fears he has is the common fear of the dark, but specifically seeing a pair glowing eyes looking back at him.

If you’re ever lonely or in need of a good laugh, Calvin is sure to be the person to make you laugh and smile with his corny jokes. With his wacky and friendly personality accompanied by his diligent attitude, Calvin sure does have a lot to offer.