Eden LaClair

By Vinh Nguyen, Staff Photographer

With her last year of high school currently in the works, Eden La Clair (‘18) is spending her final moments in high school being involved in many activities in and out of school: club and varsity soccer, photography, ecology club, and numerous beach visitations.

In addition to her busy schedule, she is also a well-balanced student who has taken her fair share of AP classes and has received outstanding grades across the board.

“I really like the school and I really like photography so I thought it was a great way to express both,” said Eden.

She looks to further her involvement on campus by exploring Baron Banner in which she is ready to learn more about capturing the moment and news writing.

In her free time, Eden fancies alternative music from Cage the Elephant and Panic! at the Disco. She also enjoys gluing her eyes to “criminal shows” such as Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU.

“I really enjoy watching these kind of shows, because they’re really interesting and they’re fun to watch,” said Eden.

As someone with varied affinities and interests, Eden’s favorite movie happens to The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and she visits the beach often to experience the fresh beach air. From alternative rock music all the way to comedy-drama movies, Eden enjoys dabbling with diverse things in her life.

However, Eden does not consider herself to be the quintessential high school student. In fact, Eden believes she is often clumsy in life. But she is completely fine and complacent with that, because being clumsy is truly a part of who she is.  

“One time, in 6th grade, I was late to class, and you know how when you walk into class, everyone is looking at the paper, and they just all see you? So I was almost to my desk, and I tripped on a backpack, and I fell like face-first, and everyone just got up and looked at me; and I was like ‘oh…’” said Eden.

Besides all that, Eden believes she is “hard-working, independent, and adventurous” which are three words that perfectly describe the person Eden is: a thriving, yet clumsy, high school student who joined Baron Banner to experience what Fountain Valley High School has to offer