Elise Tran

Elise Tran (‘20), a current sophomore at Fountain Valley High School, is 15 years old and filled to the brim with so much talent and positivity. Her eyes shine with enthusiasm whenever she speaks about her passions in life. From talking about Italian food to traveling to volunteer work to penguins, Tran sure does know how to captivate her audience.

Tran’s  first visit to SeaWorld  struck her adoration for penguins; she was in  first grade when she first laid eyes on one at an exhibit and it was love at first sight. Even after an entire decade, penguins still hold a soft spot in Tran’s heart. One of her favorite movies is “Happy Feet 2” because of all the adorable singing and characters. Her bedroom is even decked out in cute little penguin stuffed animals and stickers.

“I like penguins. Oh wait, no, I adore penguins.”

As a traveling fanatic, Tran finds great thrill in road-tripping.  One of her most memorable experiences was with her family on a roadtrip to New Mexico. She also enjoys visiting Vietnam and dreams about backpacking through Europe someday.

Tran has been playing piano for nine years and rollerskating artistically for seven years. Her out-of-state skating competitions have even given her the chance to travel to other parts of the country, such as Nebraska and Indiana, feeding her thriving wanderlust.

Besides Tran’s growing success with her talents, she also balances her schoolwork with her many extracurriculars. Tran volunteers with homeless children with the Illumination Foundation club in which she is the co-president and is a writer, photographer and designer in Baron Banner. Although Tran originally joined Baron Banner as a photographer, she is starting her second year in Baron Banner as a writer and designer after discovering her newfound love for the two.

Tran someday hopes to pursue a career in a working field where she can continue to spend time with kids. She hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of everyone she meets, whether it be from simple or grand gestures.

She finds inspiration in her supportive family because of all the opportunities they had given her.

“I love my family, and they are filled with love and care. I am here because of them,” said Tran.

Tran strongly values staying true to yourself. As a fan of the Harry Potter series, she admires Luna Lovegood, her favorite character. She respects the wizard’s sincerity and also the fact that she doesn’t let the opinions of others affect her. Tran’s favorite Disney princess is Merida from “Brave” and she also admires the work of actress Emma Stone. Tran aspires to be fierce like these two lively women.

An all time favorite band of hers has been Imagine Dragons. Tran loves the beat in the song “Who We Are”  because it’s catchy and has a distinct style compared to the rest of their awesome discography. She has currently been listening to Halsey’s album, Badlands, as well as Harry Style’s newly released and self-titled album, Harry Styles. When Tran is not jamming out to these artists or busy with school and her many activities, she is listening to the simple yet effective words of Albert Einstein: “Be a voice not an echo.”