Ella Scott-Wallace

By Suzane Jlelati, Staff Writer

Sporting a fantastic set of bangs and shooting a gentle smile your way, Ella Scott-Wallace (‘20) hops on board the Baron Banner team as a new writer in hopes of improving her communications skills and to finish what she started.

“I joined Baron Banner because it seemed like something that I would enjoy because I like writing and I was in journalism in middle school but it was only a semester, so I really wanted to try again,” said Scott-Wallace hopeful.

She may be shy at first but under that timid exterior is a very outgoing and funny person. Although those adjectives may seem contradictory, they describe who she is inside despite not showing it’s true potential day in and out. By the time that she graduates, Scott-Wallace hopes to break free from her shy shell and evolve into the outgoing person she yearns to become.

Being quiet and negative throughout middle school, Scott-Wallace predicted that those characteristics would stick forever, but once entering high school, Ella has become more positive on her outlook on life and is much more supportive of the people around her.

Outside of school, Ella admires a wide variety of music ranging from alternative to rap, indie and pop. Favorite artists consist of Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, Hozier and Florence + The Machine. Being her all time favorite artist, Ella appreciates how Lana Del Rey’s discography is unique and different, yet consist in theme. Ella also acknowledges how Lana Del Rey’s lyrics and arrangement of the songs transport the listener to a whole different world.

“I really like to focus on the lyrics and find different meanings behind [the songs]. I like how with music, you can interpret it in many different ways and just what artists think about [their songs] can give a whole different view on what the song is about,” said Scott-Wallace passionately.  

Like most students her age, Scott-Wallace is unsure of what exactly she wants to do after graduation for she gravitates towards many things but isn’t certain yet.

Her aspirations consist of becoming a confident person which derives from the shyness holding her back from accomplishing what she desires, becoming an actress. Although it is just a ‘wild’ dream of hers, she aims to one day take the first step and join a class to pursue her interest in acting. If she does become successful, she’d like to use her platform for good in order to bring awareness to important subjects that do not have enough exposure.