Francisco Nguyen

By Precious Oweiss, Staff Writer

This is Francisco’s first year in Baron Banner as a senior. His friends call him Cisco. Speaking of friends, his favorite part about his past three years at FVHS is making friends.

As a photographer, Cisco enjoys taking pictures of the clouds and skyline—especially sunrises and sunsets. You will often find him at the beach, taking lovely photographs of the ocean.  He adores the changing colors in the sky as the day progresses. He is fascinated by how nature creates vibrant colors to produce both sunsets and clouds.

Cisco’s appreciation for color is reflected in how he dresses. On a typical day he’ll wear either silver, blue or red. These colors mean a lot to him. His choice of clothing reflects his love for the various colors of the sun and sky. When he looks at blue, he is reminded of the love he has for the ocean. And the same can apply to certain joyful memories with red and silver.

He spent his summer time watching movies and eating his favorite types of food. He takes pleasure in action movies such as Fast and Furious. And his two most ideal foods include sushi and steak.

Cisco, being timid of speaking about his second language, misvalued it. However, he dreams of traveling outside the United States someday. This is where his second language could be a treasure to obtain. In fact, he would love to travel to Dubai, Hawaii, and Brazil. This proves that he is not afraid of different culture.

Cisco Nguyen is excited to begin his first year of Baron Banner this year as a senior. He is interested in getting to know the people at FVHS using kind words.