Isabella Purdy

By Lauren NguyenStaff Writer

Not only is Isabella Purdy a second year writer and photographer for Baron Banner, but she is also a self-proclaimed book lover, center defense player/sweeper for FVHS’ JV field hockey team, and a member of Honors Commission with an unique obsession for the color turquoise.

Purdy decided to give Baron Banner a go after she found out about the class one day in her 8th grade P.E class. Her interest in the class sparked and she jumped at the opportunity. “I was hooked”, she says. She initially applied as a photographer but switched over to writing after winning an award at last year’s OCJEA competition. Still, she’s fully capable of filling both positions.

An imaginative, avid English enthusiast, she loves delving into all types of literature. Her all-time favorites are the Fifth Wave series, the Hunger Games series, the Divergent series, and all seven books of the Harry Potter series. When questioned whether she considered herself a diehard Potterhead, she responds “amen to that!” She also is a devoted Whovian, and is currently watching Season 10 of Doctor Who.

Purdy’s main hobby is writing short stories and poems and she also listens to alternative and pop music, watches TV shows, and does puzzles to relax and destress.

With the exception of Honors Commission, Purdy did not join many clubs last year, unsure of which organizations she wanted to be involved in and fearing that she would overload herself and fall under. This year however, she looks forward to joining more clubs.

Purdy is proactively working towards her goal of graduating with a 4.0 GPA and plans on attending college after ending high school with a bang. She dreams of entering the medical field in the future to become a pediatrician.

And no, not even the sight of blood will set Isabella Purdy back from achieving her dreams.