Isabella Purdy

By Olivia Krueger, Staff Writer

As a freshman at Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) and a first year member on Baron Banner, Isabella Purdy looks to play a part and become actively involved in the Baron community. Her open and creative mind strengthens her passion for photography and aspirations to also become a writer.29613071642_914b87ca08_k

In Isabella’s free time, she enjoys evening bike rides, music and reading. She frequently listens to pop, alternative, the k-rock station and her favorite band, Twenty One Pilots. Reading provides Isabella with an escape from the stressful student life. Her favorite book series, Harry Potter, has led Isabella to consider J.K. Rowling her role model.

“She inspires me because she started at the bottom and now she’s at the top,” said Purdy.

Isabella aspires to one day become a pediatrician and an author. Though she is not quite sure how she will make that work, she is determined to accomplish both professions.

Aside from books, Isabella also loves watching movies and T.V. shows. Her favorite T.V. show, albeit a little nerdy, is Dr. Who because she finds it intriguing and the Tardis very cool. Her favorite childhood movie is the classic Finding Nemo along with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Another one of her favorite movies and favorite books is The Life of Pi.

Isabella loves to travel, but her favorite place to go is Pacific City located in Huntington Beach. She finds the little shops and boutiques adorable and is very happy because a Popbar recently opened there. Over the summer she went to Yellowstone and Zion to see wildlife and work on her photography skills. Isabella finds inspiration while exploring new places and dreams of traveling all over the world someday, especially to places like the Galapagos, Hawaii, Tokyo, Japan and Paris.