Ivy Duong

By Anju Ito, Staff Writer29688874076_4427cb7a23_k

Ivy Duong, an artistic and travel-loving sophomore of Fountain Valley High School, is a photographer of Baron Banner. As an incoming member of the class, Ivy first decided to apply to Baron Banner thanks to her friend who was already a part of the class.

If Ivy were to have one superpower of her choice, she would have the power of transportation, which displays Ivy’s love for traveling. When she gets older, she would like to travel all around the world, especially to Tokyo where she would like to visit Tokyo Disneyland. In addition to her passion towards traveling, Ivy also draws, sketches and takes photos as a hobby. Furthermore, Ivy enjoys reading mystery and fantasy books, and one of her favorite books that she has read is The Selection.

Ivy is not only involved in school through Baron Banner, but she is also in KIWIN’S and aims to join the track team later on in the year, as she loves running. Ivy is also a member of Girl Scouts and spends her Sundays going to scout meetings.

Although Ivy may be shy in new environments, she is a bright and passionate person with a dream of becoming a pediatrician.