Jacob Winkle

29433043740_4c0fc4cb4b_kBy Kyle Nguyen, Staff Writer

Known for his sarcastic and sassy demeanor, luscious looks and the camera that hangs off his neck more often than not, Jacob Winkle (‘16) is not one to place restrictions on himself artistically. Upon getting to know him, you realize he is quite the opposite.

As both of his parents are abstract painters, Winkle always had an affinity for the arts – whether it is photography, painting or even through his unique and quirky sense of fashion. One of his favorite subjects to take photos of, he says, has to be street life and the city. For Winkle, photography is just another way of telling stories through an artistic and visual medium.

“If I were to live in a different generation, it would probably be the 80s just because of the fashion, the music, the slang, the comedy,” said Winkle.

Although many of his peers consider him the poster child for the word “aesthetic”, Winkle says he absolutely hates being described as such. Rather, it’s more of a matter of being genuine and staying true to who you are as an artist than simply following trends. Drawing inspiration from musicians like Childish Gambino and Frank Ocean, Winkle aspires to be an artist that captivates his audience with the same emotion as his idols do.

“What can I say? It’s just the way they perceive everything through their songs and it’s just really cool,” said Winkle.

In the future, Winkle plans to major in business, particularly advertising. Advertising, for him, is a very expressive career in itself as he has the reins to freely convey an image through any medium he desires. All in all, Winkle is a force to be reckoned with and it wouldn’t come as a surprise to many to one day see his work plastered across billboards everywhere.

“Just look towards art. If you have any forms of art – drawing, lyrics, producing music or even dressing yourself up – never be afraid to truly express yourself,” Winkle said.

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