Jamie Pham

By John Le, Staff Writer and Photographer29099669813_ce796ea0d9_z

As a senior, Jamie Pham (‘17) wants her last year to be spontaneous and adventurous. As a designer for  Baron Banner, she is determined to help design the newspaper.

In school, her favorite subject is Physiology. She also decided to tackle on Advanced Placement (AP) classes her sophomore and junior year.

In her spare time, Pham is an avid volleyball player. She played for the volleyball team and made it all the way to the Varsity Team, but unfortunately stopped her senior year. However, she still plays outside school for fun. Also, she enjoys baking and scrolling through Pinterest. Her favorite foods to bake are macarons and tiramisu.

Pham has a lot of favorites when it comes to music and T.V. shows. She enjoys watching “Criminal Minds” and “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. As to her music taste, she listens to a variety of music. Ranging from 90’s tunes to Kanye rap songs, she isn’t so picky about her music.

Pham has a dream career in place, hoping to be a nurse or an anesthesiologist. Even though she has no college decided, she has a bright future ahead of her.