John Le

By Mimi Tran, Staff Cartoonist

John is a sophomore in Fountain Valley High school and works as a designer, photographer, and staff writer, working by giving out quality photos and articles to FVHS students. When starting his job in Baron Banner, it all began as he was a photographer for yearbook club, and he knew another person who worked in Baron Banner. From that special connection, he became motivated to join Baron Banner too, and did so in his freshman year.

Other than working for Banner Banner, John is currently the president of sophomore commissions, a student in mock trial, and is currently interested on joining the National Honors Society. As he’s working hard in the group today, he has said that possibly plans to be an editor later to continue creating more quality news for the readers. Along with that, his high school goals are to get above and beyond a 4.0 GPA, getting past AP exams, and live high school to the best he can.

With other passions, John wants to major in the field of music, specifically tutoring piano to other people, which started as motivation from another teacher that was teaching others. Out of school, his activities are working at a job teaching other people piano lessons and teaching Vietnamese and the Bible at his church.

On other topics, John likes all types of food (and is willing to try everything), loves anything Disney related, and generally drama shows such as RiverdaleLaw & OrderHow to Get Away with Murder and Criminal Minds. With places he wants to travel as well, he wants to visit Europe, all 50 states of the US, visit his roots in Vietnam, and all the Disney parks in the world.