John Le

By Jamie Pham, Staff Photographer29688848116_16aa6c3867_k

Right from the start, John Le presents a friendly and confident aura. Le has a contagious and optimistic smile that will light up the room. His optimism is what gives him the drive to excel in his extracurricular activities such as piano and tennis. Le puts 110% in everything he does which is proven in his recent accomplishment of being promoted to the advanced level in piano.

Le is hoping to be able to travel to Europe in countries such as France, Germany and Italy to explore the history and food. His passion for the future extends in his writing. Le’s love for writing gives him a drive to continue in Baron Banner for the rest of his high school career. Not only does he plan to pursue his love for writing in high school, Le hopes to expand his creativity by attending USC and majoring in the arts realm.

Panic at the Disco, Pretty Little Liars and Vietnamese food are some of the little things that Le hold on to as dear. However, Le’s passion and sense of urgency to complete a task is what the world holds dear of him.