Kaitlyn Ngo

By Karen Phan, Staff Writer

Even early in the morning, Kaitlyn Ngo is the perfect embodiment of quirkiness and optimism on our FVHS campus. She’s definitely someone who’s able to bring a smile to your face and make you comfortable with her contagiously friendly attitude. When asked, Ngo described herself as someone who is easy to approach and loves meeting new people.

“It’s one of my goals to make people’s days better,” she said.

Ngo has been very involved on campus throughout her high school years. As a freshman and sophomore she played tennis for our school’s team, yet decided to end her sports career due to a busy schedule. As of now she is the secretary of both Red Cross and Arts for Hearts. National Honors Society, Link Crew and Baron Banner are extracurriculars Ngo is also a part of. One of Ngo’s current goals is to continue to be actively involved on our school campus because she wants to make the best out of her senior year.

We all have a few hobbies of our own. Ngo mentioned she’s always been into photography, and it’s one of the reasons why she decided to join Baron Banner. She admitted she took it upon herself to learn a little more about photography and cameras prior to joining our school’s journalism.

She also plays four instruments: the guitar, clarinet, piano and saxophone. Unfortunately she didn’t have enough time on her hands to join our school band, but that doesn’t stop her from playing instruments during her free time. She enjoys learning languages and is currently learning Korean. As a penta-lingualist, she can speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Cantonese and Vietnamese. In the future she looks forward to hopefully traveling to Finland, Korea, and China, where she can put her biliteracy skills to use. Ngo said skating is one of her favorite things to do as well. She loves it and was once a competitive roller skater. A couple of Ngo’s newer hobbies are gardening and, impressively, making balloon animals.

Whenever Ngo wants to relax, she listens to music and rests so that she can fully function. “I get super tired very easily so naps are my best friend!” Ngo said. Her music taste tends to change periodically, but lately she’s been into chill pop and [Korean] indie. A few of her favorite music artists are Oh Wonder, Maggie Rogers, Heize, and Lee Hi. She also loves serene areas, such as beaches and cliffs, because they provide her some peace and quiet.

One of Ngo’s many admirable personality traits is her compassion. She’s proud of herself for always being there for her friends when they’re at their low points. “I usually act as a “rock” for others when they’re feeling down or stressed. I’m also super friendly and I love meeting new people,” said Ngo. In fact, one of her favorite things about Baron Banner is the opportunity she gets to talk to people. She’s talked to countless students and staff on campus thanks to Baron Banner.

Ngo wants to major in the science field (specifically a physics-related major) and has yet to decide which college she will attend, but we know her spontaneous personality and talents are going to give her a bright, promising future.