Kaitlyn Ngo

By Calvin Tran, Staff Writer

If you ever wanted to be next to a great ball of sunshine, then Kaitlyn Ngo (’18) is the perfect person to be friends with. Her goal in life is ┬áto see her friends happy and cheer people up. Kaitlyn can instantly light up your face with a smile USING her personality and her amazing musical talent.29613081942_7bf5e7e3a8_k

In her free time, Kaitlyn enjoys playing music. She plays in total 5 different instruments- the clarinet, piano, guitar, ukulele and saxophone. Music plays a huge part in her life and she has been practicing ever since she was little. She loves playing for her friends and showing off her musical talents.

Besides her musical skills, she has a supernatural skill too: her ability to read minds. Whoever she talks to, she always seems to know what they are going to say next. Ironically, if she had to pick a superpower she would choose to read minds. It seems that she is already perfecting that skill and is on her quest to becoming the next Wonder Woman.

Her favorite activity to do outside of school is roller skating. She enjoys roller skating in the park and in our local Fountain Valley Roller Skating Rink. She loves to dance to the “Cha Cha Slide” at the roller rink with her friends and always finds a reason to dance to a song. Her favorite type of music is Indie.

To fulfill her love of culture, she has always wanted to travel to South Korea and Australia. More importantly, she wants to meet all the Korean boys she sees in Kdramas.

Kaitlyn Ngo is a kind, loving girl that loves to make others smile. She is certainly a person that you would want as a friend.